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24 new top-level domains now available

The choice of domains has expanded with two dozen new extensions, including global favourites like .site, .onlineand .tech and local domains like .fo for Faroe Islands. The more options, the better.  

With more and more aspects of our lives going digital, websites are booming – and finding a great name for your next one can be tricky. For example, did you know there are over 370 million domain names already taken, nearly half of which are in .com? Or that 17 million Dutch people have come up with 6 million different .nl domains to register? It’s little wonder then, that finding a great domain name that’s available to register can be tricky.  

One way that we help our customers find better domains is by expanding the top-level domains we offer. These new extensions are typically less crowded and can offer some amazing memorable names for your business or website.  

Here’s the full list of our new domains:  

.fo .baby .blog .cam .college .desi .design. fans .fun .host .icu .love .monster 
.observer .online .ooo .press .rent .saarland .site .space .store .tech .website 

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