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Your built-in free spam filter just got better

The free spam filter included with our email service has been connected to Spamhaus, one of the largest collections of block lists worldwide. This is the latest in a series of technological investments aimed at keeping your mailbox clean.  

The Spamhaus Project non-profit is a global leader in the fight against spam protecting over 3 billion mailboxes. With the integration, our spam filter is much better at filtering out spam and malware sent to our mail servers before it reaches your mailbox. 

Spam is not simply annoying junk, it’s a major source of cyberattacks. Keeping your mailboxes spam-free is crucial for our email service and your security. This upgrade is yet another step in providing a secure, ad-free email service at no extra cost for all our web hosting customers. You can easily activate the virus and spam-filter for any mailbox from the one.com Control Panel.   

The Spamhaus implementation of block lists is seamlessly integrated with our Halon mail server solution. You can read about how we’ve integrated Halon in our case study.  

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